42: RAIB Roundup 6th October ’23

1 thought on “42: RAIB Roundup 6th October ’23

  1. Roy Tait says:

    Hi Dan, re reporting “failure of any section of ropes, cables… on a cable hauled system… over 1 km. ” Slipping in to my anorak, I’m sadly that person you mentioned who will point out in the comments that this will apply to the cable-hauled Great Orme Tramway. Indeed RAIB (and ye olde HMRI) has investigated and reported on incidents in 2000 and 2009. Plus it will cover the recently reopened 2km Cairngorm Mountain Railway and the newer still 2.1km Luton Airport DART. In the past it would have applied Stephenson’s Tyne & Wear inclined planes of which the Bowes Railway remains (though currently neither incline is operational because of the cost of upkeep and persistant vandalism). Hope your throat is better by the time you read this. May I take my anorak off now? 🙂


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