Signals to Danger

In 2020 1.8 billion rail journeys were made in the UK...

what happens when it all goes wrong?

Signals to Danger is a podcast that tells the stories of the darkest days of the UK rail network. Join us as we find out what happened, why it went wrong, and how we stop it from happening again.

The story of disaster

Each episode tells the detailed tale of the day of the accident, the who, where and how of each accident

The fingertip search

We tell the tale of how investigators descend on the scene, what they found and how they found it.

A new way forward

The disasters of the past improve the safety of the future, we close each episode by explaining how

Latest episodes

Season Two kicks off with the story of Quintinshill. At…

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100 years ago 6 track workers went to do their…

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A straight section of track suddenly becomes the scene of…

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And there are people out there who believe Network Rail are chopping down tree’s maliciously. I won’t hear of it, 3 lucky drivers in these pictures from yesterday could’ve been so much worse.


Season Two of Signals to Danger launches with a bumper 83 minute episode on the events which took place at Quintinshill on the 22nd May 1915 to cause our worst ever rail disaster. I’m glad to be back and I hope you’ll join us for this season. Available now!

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