Signals to Danger

In 2020 1.8 billion rail journeys were made in the UK...

what happens when it all goes wrong?

Signals to Danger is a podcast that tells the stories of the darkest days of the UK rail network. Join us as we find out what happened, why it went wrong, and how we stop it from happening again.

The story of disaster

Each episode tells the detailed tale of the day of the accident, the who, where and how of each accident

The fingertip search

We tell the tale of how investigators descend on the scene, what they found and how they found it.

A new way forward

The disasters of the past improve the safety of the future, we close each episode by explaining how

Latest episodes

In 2010 an accident took place on a level crossing…

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In 1964 a special train was put on to take…

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This weeks episode is a tale of travelling post offices…

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Had a day out today and just wanted to share a few clips I picked up which reminded me why our stations used to be referred to as “Cathedrals of Steam” Beautiful sights today at @NetworkRailLIV, never forget to look up and enjoy a good roof!
#letsgetbackontrack @RAIL @MrTimDunn

Toying with the idea of using the spaces feature to have some discussions around topical rail safety issues, wondered if anybody would be interested in this? Not tried spaces yet and seems like it could be interesting.

This episode of Signals to Danger marks the centenary of the disaster at Stapleton Road in 1926. 6 track workers went to work and never returned.
Many thanks to @RWLDproject for the research and work they contributed to this episode, it could & would not have happened without it

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